The Best Books for Your Toddler

The best books for your toddler aren’t just your basic 1,2,3’s and your A,B,C’s but rather books that dive deeper into important aspects of life and enlightening their growing minds.

The books you’re reading to your toddler should be teaching them life skills such as: healthy ways to express their emotions, how to use manners, how to tackle an issue they don’t know how to solve, and even basic hygiene such as using the bathroom, washing their hands, and brushing their teeth.

Growing up, I was a huge reader and I always had a book in my hand. I used to beg my mom to stop at Borders a few times a month so I can stock up on the latest vampire novels, history books, and even medical facts. I was always down to learn and turning pages was my idea of fun.

However, as I got older that need to turn pages turned into swiping on my Kindle and my iPhone. After I had my oldest daughter, I knew I needed to change because the last thing I wanted was for her to be glued to a screen, even if she was using it to read a book.

Fast forward to today, we have a wonderful library at home filled with books teaching her how to read, write, use the potty, brush her teeth, how to express her emotions, and so on.

As a parent, sometimes it’s hard for us to tackle and explain these simple tasks with our children. Maybe when we were children, our parents didn’t teach us how to use manners or express our emotions, maybe we don’t know how to break it down into simple terms for our kids, regardless of the reason, these books were written to aid in our task of educating our children and enriching their minds.

I read to both of my girl during bath time and before I tuck them in at night, sometimes we will read a story before they go down for their daily nap. It is vital to read to your child at least once a day, they pay attention to more than you know and you will be doing their minds a favor and helping them grow.

I compiled a list of all the wonderful books sitting in our library at home, most of these titles were ordered from Amazon and the rest were gifts from family and friends. I hope these books help you as much as they have helped us and continue to do so.

Toddler Books About Manners:

These books teach your child how to say, “please” and “thank you” it helps them understand how to express their emotions and even help you clean up after playtime.

  • Sesame Street characters discuss being polite, saying please and thank you..etc) *set of 8 books*
  • ‘Manners time’ is a book about all of the manners a child should know, it’s a perfect book to start with!
  • ‘Excuse Me’ is an adorable lift-a-flap book that keeps toddlers engaged and encourages them to be polite!
  • ‘Suppose You Meet A Dinosaur is a great book for the Dino lover in your life! It combines all lessons on manners in one, my daughter enjoys it.
  • ‘Little Monkey Calms Down’ is a great book for the child who has problems with whining, it encourages them to practice better behavior.
  • ‘Listening Time’ is it hard to get your child to stop, listen, and understand you? Try this book! It’s a great toddler tool.
  • ‘Sharing Time’ sharing is a bit of a tough act to teach your child, especially if they are an only child, starting school, or have a new sibling. This book helps them to better understand the act of sharing.
  • ‘Clean Up Time’ is one of our favorite books because it’s helped my toddler understand that playtime is over and it’s time to clean up our mess so that we can have fun later!
  • ‘Daniel Tiger Is Mad’ Daniel Tiger is a favorite in our home as well, we enjoy watching his show and learning while having fun. Anger is a big emotion that kids need help expressing, this book is perfect for the occasion!
  • ‘No Hitting’ is another great lift-a-clap book. I know hitting is a touchy subject with most parents, but this book helps your child understand it’s not ok to hit or harm others, I highly recommend having them read this before they begin school. Kids surprise you.
  • ‘Mouse Says Sorry’ is adorable and a fun way to teach kids the importance of apologizing.

Toddler How-To Books:

Toddler how-to books explain simple tasks such as using the potty, going to the dentist, washing their hands, and so much more.

  • ‘Jacob Learns To Brush His Teeth’ is wonderful book with fun rhymes to help your toddler learn how to brush day and night!
  • ‘Daniel Tiger Goes To The Dentist’ going to the dentist can be scary, even for adults. Put your child at ease with this fun read!
  • ‘Potty Time’ by Daniel Tiger is a fun book with interactive sounds, let your toddler push the buttons and bring the lesson to life.
  • ‘Potty Time with Elmo’ is for the Sesame Street fab in your home, it helps them learn to use the potty with sounds of toilet paper rolls and baby David!
  • ‘How To Be A Baby’ is your child an older sibling? This book is perfect for teaching them the difference between a baby and a big kid!
  • ‘Bath Time!’ Is a very fun, engaging bathtime book. It teaches your toddler colors while taking a bath, and there’s a fun surprise at the end.

Educational Books For Toddlers:

Educational books are everywhere, especially for tiny humans like our toddlers and pre-schoolers. Help them learn their A,B,C’s and count past 3, read everyday and mix it up.

  • ‘First 100 Board Book Set’ This is a set of 3 books that teach your toddler 100 different animals, birds, colors and shapes. I believe it’s an important set to start with so they understand basics.
  • ‘The Book of Why’ such a fun book by National Geographic, it answers so many questions your child didn’t even know they had! And a fun way to introduce them to more animals!
  • ‘30 Animal Sounds Book’ is a great way for your child to hear and see different animals, it’s fun way for them to learn the different sounds each animal makes.
  • ‘My First Library’ is a set of 10 books that will educate your toddler on words, shapes, forms of transportation, colors, and so much more. It’s a wonderful start for their library.
  • ‘8 Little Planets’ is your toddler a space lover? Mine is! And this book is a perfect way to teach them about all the planets
  • Little Traveler Book Set’ I believe all kids should understand the world outside of their doors, different cultures, and traditions, because the world is a melting pot. This set of books is a great way to teach your child about different foods, places, landmarks, and even animals!
  • ‘ABC for Me: ABC What Can She Be?: Girls can be anything they want to be, from A to Z ‘ I love, love this book! As a mom of two girls, it’s a fun way to teach them that they can be anything and anyone in this world.
  • ‘Baby University Science Set’ Quantum physics, relativity, these are all concepts that can be taught when they are babies.

Interactive Toddler Books:

Interactive toddler books are educational like those above but they challenge your toddler and preschooler. I spy books helps them differentiate between objects to find the right one, it helps them learn how to follow lines to draw shapes, letters, and numbers, and it’s a fun way to learn.

  • ‘Teach My Toddler Learning Kit’ is a kit that teachers your toddlers letters, shapes, and numbers..there are even flash cards included!
  • ‘Outdoor Toddler Activity Book’ Do you enjoy walks in the park with your toddler? Playing outside? Hiking? This book is a fun way to get your child to interact with the outdoors and understand nature and what surrounds them.
  • ‘Number Tracing Book’ is exactly what it does, it teaches your child numbers and how to draw them by following dotted lines.
  • ‘I-Spy’ is a wonderful book that teaches your child to focus in a world of chaos, no matter how many objects are in a picture, they need to focus and find just the one. It’s also a fun game to play while driving, at the park, or even at home.
  • ‘First 100 Stickers: Words’ is a book with over 500 stickers that helps them grasp the concept of different words!
  • ‘Alphaprints’ is a wipe clean work book with over 56 pages that teaches your toddler their letters! The dry erase pen is included.
  • ‘My First Learn To Write Workbook’ is another wipe clean work book that teaches your toddler pen control, how to trace lines, write letters and more.
  • ‘Preschool Math Workbook’ is for kids 2+ and a great way to start teaching them math in ways they can understand.
  • ‘Tracing for Toddlers’ is a beginners guide for kids when it comes to tracing lines, it’s a great place to start their journey of writing.
  • ‘Scissor Skills Activity Pad’ arts and crafts is important for teaching your toddler creativity, encouraging imaginative play, and building up those hand muscles. Using scissors is a basic skill they need to understand. Melissa & Doug creates this fun activity pad to teach them how to do so!

There are copious amounts of books that can help teach your child the alphabet, how to count, different shapes, and colors, and so on. However, reading is an activity that should be implemented when they are young, even while in the womb. Read to your child everyday and more than once if you can, it helps build their vocabulary and teaches them new concepts. Prepare them for the world and open a book.

I hope you and your littles enjoy these reads as much as my daughters and I do!


A mama who can’t stop book shopping!

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