Weekend in NYC

My husband and I decided to take little getaway trip to NYC. It was a much needed break for us.

We spent a night at the DoubleTree Inn. Located in Times Square. The hotel had more than 40 floors! The staff was wonderful and we were greeted with two huge, warm, delicious, chocolate chip and walnut cookies. It was a lovely hotel with a beautiful view.


During our first day at the city we had dinner at our favorite Japanese BBQ restaurant Gyu-Kuku, and did some shopping in Times Square.


Gray Jacket — Forever21

Dress — H&M

Boots — JustFab

Jewelry — Pretty Little Thing

We finished up our day with some street food from a Halal cart. I can’t get enough of lamb gyros and NYC street food!


On our last day in the city we had brunch at this little, contemporary place called Friedman’s. I had the avocado toast on rustic bread, with red pepper flakes, poached eggs, and hemp seeds. I followed it with their amazing mimosa. My husband had their steak + eggs which included skirt steak, sunny-side eggs, herb fries, and jalapeño crema. The food was amazing! The relaxed atmosphere, lovely view, and great staff, made it a very enjoyable experience. We might make another brunch stop there on our next trip.


Black Coat — Forever 21

Top — H&M

Metallic Skirt — Target

Shoes — JustFab

Purse — JustFab

We finished up our day by having those most delicious burger and lobster bites at a place called Burgers & Lobsters. The burger came with a side salad, their special lemon vinaigrette, and fries. My husband and I both got a burger and neither of us could finish it — haha! But it was delicious!!

Thanks for checking out my blog post! I plan on doing more posts featuring my OOTD and my trips. I hope you enjoyed it!



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