My Daughters Bedroom Transformation

My toddlers bedroom transformation took over a year to complete and was an emotion filled task.

I painted these letters and drowned them in glitter when I was about 7 months pregnant with my toddler.

We currently live in a rented home so painting her walls isn’t an option. I knew I wanted to use wall decals to bring her room to life but they are costly and I wanted to be sure of my choice of theme.

Last year I purchased these beautiful curtains and curtain rod for her room. I added a kids table, a book storage unit, and an adorably fuzzy pink accent rug to bring color to the otherwise bland floor.

I hit a creative block and no longer knew what to add or where to place it. After I gave birth to my youngest daughter, I ordered a a portable storage organizer for each of their clothing, it was my poor attempt to make the room more childlike while giving me more options to store their ever growing wardrobes.

“Now what?” I asked myself. I pondered on adding more furniture and minimizing their closets as well as their toys. However, furniture for tiny humans is not cheap and I still did not decide on a theme.

Fast forward to April 2020, my oldest princess will be turning three and surprising her with a beautiful room to escape to became my goal. I spent a week organizing all of their clothing and donating the excess, the same with their toys. While organizing the girls’ closet, I came across a gift that was given to Anaís for her first birthday. It’s a beautiful, large play tent with a window. I immediately put it together and fell in love, it inspired the theme of her new bedroom.

If you asked Anaís what she loves, she won’t give you the typical answer. Princesses and unicorns aren’t her thing, she isn’t a big fan of Minnie Mouse, and she would rather run around and pretend she’s Spider-Man or Sonic, above all else. However, what Anaís will tell you she enjoys are flowers, butterflies, the moon, and the sky. She loves being outdoors, smelling flowers, catching butterflies, staring at clouds, playing with grass, and talking about the moon.

You guessed it! Her theme is a floral wonderland with decals of tulips, butterflies, leaves, and the sun. It’s the perfect bedroom for my amazing and free-spirited toddler.

I ordered Anaís’ bedroom furniture and wall decals from Amazon and Walmart. The quarantine forced me slow down and finalize my decisions and I am beyond ecstatic with the outcome.

Her room is not 100% done because I still want to add a few more finishing touches but this is the progress we’ve made so far!

Here Are The Links to Each Item:

Princess Curtain Rod with Crystal Balls

Curtain Holdback with Crystal Ball

Blackout Pink Star Curtains

Pink Canopy Bed

Memory Foam Cooling Mattress


Comforter Set


Ladybug Lamp

Toy Hammock

Pink Plush Area Rug

Book Storage

Pastel Storage Cubbies (In Closet)

Toy Kraft Pink Table with Two Chairs

Butterfly & Tulips Wall Decal

Step 2 Art Easel

Creating a fun, inviting, and safe space for your kids to escape to is a necessity in my book. Our room is our sanctuary, our safe haven, and it’s our time to recharge. Although my toddler isn’t sleeping in her own room yet, I love that it’s a place she goes to and let’s her imagination run wild, it’s wonderful watching her and her baby sister play together. I hope you enjoy these adorable furniture items and room decor as much as we do!


A mama who enjoys decorating 🙂

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