Your Guide to Anniversary Gifts

Let’s start off by saying this is only a guide. Couples may choose to give each other gifts based on one another’s likes and dislikes. That’s ok! If you want to do the same, it’s entirely up to you. However, if you’re down for trying something new and to learn a little more about the gift guide, keep reading.

Who created the anniversary gift guide? No one knows for sure, but it has been said that it began during Middle Ages. Apparently, they believed there was a correlation between a certain substance and the distinct amount of years. Hence, the reason the guide lists items such as cotton, steel, and paper.

If you look at the gift guide closely, you can see as each year passes, the value of the gift increases. This is a representation of how deep the bond is becoming. The guide starts with paper for the 1st anniversary, but ends with diamond for the 60th. Do you have to follow it in specific order? No, but it is fun!

What exactly is this gift guide I’m referring to?

Via Southern Weddings

I know you’re probably thinking one of two things: “60 years? That’s amazing! #goals” or “What about 70 years? My husband and I have been together longer than 60!” It’s funny because I do have an older audience and it’s fun talking about motherhood and marriage with them. But to answer both of these questions/statements, 60 years is a long time! I too hope my husband and I will make it to and past 60 years together. At the rate we’re going, I definitely see that happening! As for what happens after your 60th anniversary? Why not make it up as you go! What about a couples cruise, matching tattoos hahah! The sky is the limit.

My husband and I began dating in 2016 and we tied the knot in 2017. We considered using our old anniversary, which is in August of 2016, but decided our wedding anniversary is more official, whatever that means LOL. Now we had to choose between traditional or modern? Honestly, we like items from both categories, but decided to pick from the modern category, because it feels like a more accurate representation of our relationship. You and your significant other should sit down and decide what’s best for the two of you, as well! It’ll make it easier to pick out gifts for one another.

This anniversary gift guide is a fun way to choose gifts for your spouse. Although it is used mainly for marriages, it doesn’t only have to be an ‘If you’re married’ type of deal. If you have been dating someone for years and you have an wonderful relationship that doesn’t include a ring, than this would be a great guide for you as well!

In the end, giving gifts is so much fun. It’s wonderful to watch your significant others face light up when you give them a gift that warms their heart. Have fun with it!

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