My Personal Style Concierge – Trvl Porter

Going on vacations, mini-getaways, and business trips are always fun, but what isn’t fun is packing for these trips. I have a hard time picking out an outfit for date night alone, let alone planning outfits for when I’m out-of-state. What is the weather going to be like? Do I want to pack one or five pairs of shoes? How do I fit all of this into one bag? Maybe I should pack more than I need so I have all of my bases covered — boy am I going to hate doing all of that laundry when I get back home and the dread of carrying it all to and from.

I recently discovered Trvl Porter, a personal style concierge that provides a rental travel wardrobe. The concept is so great, I wish I had thought of it — kidding! But, to be honest it is such a helpful service. How does it work? It’s quite easy! First, you create a profile on Trvl Porter and enter your style preferences, they ask all about your dos and don’t of fashion, sizing, and the type of trip. These questions help the stylists come up with a personal wardrobe perfect for you and your trip! You then enter the address of the hotel or airbnb you will be staying at and they ship it right to you! So you can pick it up at the front desk once you arrive, and the best part is that sending back your wardrobe is always free.

What are the benefits of a travel wardrobe? I can go on-and-on but a few important aspects of using this service is that all you need to worry about packing is a carry-on, it takes the hassle out of traveling, you reduce your fashion footprint (did you know retail is one of the largest polluters in the world?), you save time and money, and always have the most modern up-to-date looks, and dress like a local, no matter where you go.

Trvl Porter, understands that we always want to look our best no matter where we go so they made the service affordable for anyone. At $65 per item, you can choose as many clothing pieces as you’d like! And if you fall in love with a piece or two, you can purchase it for a fraction of the price and shipping and handling is always free both ways! What do you have to lose? Other than an extra 20lbs of luggage!

You’re probably thinking there has to be a catch, this is too convenient but in all honesty, there isn’t one. You can keep the items as long as you need them, just enter the correct dates of your trip on your profile and your items will be there right when you need them and you can send them back after you’re done with them, dry-cleaning is free so no need to wash them or pay additional charges to have them cleaned.

I recently decided to make a bold move and change my look, so I chopped off all of my hair. I wanted a haute look to go with my new style and Trvl Porter did not fail me. I created my style profile and entered my preferences and sizes, in return I received a beautiful skirt with a subtle but lovely design. I was quite nervous because I’m always iffy on my size, especially with bottoms but this skirt fit like a glove and hubby even loved it too!

I paired the skirt with a simple, black pair of open-toed heels, a black tank top, a classic white cardigan, and a chunky necklace to complete the look. This outfit perfectly represents my personal style, simple but chic. I will definitely be using Trvl Porter, again for my future trips. Hubby and I looked great for our mini-getaway and our date night!


A mama with style xx

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