10 Fun Fall Activities for Toddlers

Can you believe Fall is already here? I can! I’ve been counting down the days. This fall is even more special because I have my ticklish, curious, beautiful toddler, enjoying it with me! I know what you’re thinking, “What fall activities can I do with my toddler?” Look no further, I have a few wonderful ideas!

Remember, fall is only 90 days long. Use this time to explore and teach your toddler about season changes. Soak it all up before Christmas arrives!

10 Fun Fall Activities for Toddlers:

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items you can only find during the fall such as: pinecones, pumpkins, a scarecrow. Here’s a Fall Scavenger Printable from The Resourceful Mama. She has so many wonderful printable for year-round fun!
  2. Pumpkin Patch: Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, it’s a fun activity for children of all ages! They can explore the pumpkin patch and pick out their own pumpkin! Take it up a notch and buy carving tools and paint so you can use it as decor.
  3. Leaf Hunting: Do you remember how I said this is a wonderful time to teach your toddler about season changes? Take them outdoors whether it’s a park or even your own backyard and have them find leaves of different colors. It’s a great way for them to see how they change from green to so many different colors. Also, you can bring along a ziploc bag so they can bring home their favorite leaves!
  4. Fall Festival: Who doesn’t love a fun festival? Most are catered to your kids age! Just check out your local fairs and festivals and pick one that’s best for you! It’s a fun way to eat fall themed foods and play games.
  5. Apple Picking: Picking your own food is so much fun! Grab a basket and your toddler and head to your local orchard. Let them pick out the best apples and bring it home to make something yummy!
  6. Fall Photos: I’ll use any excuse to get beautiful photos of my daughter, but fall is even more fun! With all of the beautiful colors around us and the endless props (pinecones, colorful leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows) it’s wonderful and you’ll have beautiful pictures to hang on your wall!
  7. Bonfires & Smores: Yummy in my tummy! This cool weather is the perfect excuse to have a bonfire and make some delicious s’mores. Why not take it up a notch and go camping in your backyard and tell stories with a flashlight!
  8. Arts & Crafts: Use the leaves they brought home, collect pinecones, grab some paint and make art! They can paint the leaves and attach it to cutout if a tree! They’ll love painting and it would look beautiful on your fridge 🙂 check out Busy Toddler for Fall Arts & Crafts
  9. Make Cookies & Yummy Treats: Fall is the perfect time to start baking! Make apple fritters or donuts, how about pumpkin shaped cookies? Have your toddler help you decorate them! It’ll be a fun treat to make and eat!
  10. Jump in a Pile of Leaves: This one simple activity will bring so much happiness to a curious, adventurous, toddler! They can play with the crunchy leaves and have fun with you while doing so. Take the time to enjoy this season and every other season with them.
  • I hope you enjoyed this list of fun things to do with your toddler during autumn. They aren’t babies for long, enjoy this time with them and have fun! Happy autumn!
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