Happiness in a sealable package. That’s the best way to describe my new favorite exfoliant.

I recently came across Grounded on Instagram while searching for coffee scrubs. I have tried two or three types of coffee scrubs from different brand before but none of them gave me that wow feeling.

However, when I came across Grounded’s website I was immediately intrigued. Their coffee scrubs are all natural and contain only three ingredients:

1. Arabica coffee: The coffee firms and brightens skin, is rich in antioxidants, fights the elements, is anti-aging, and a wonderful exfoliant.

2. Persea Gratissma: This wonderful plant reduces lines and wrinkles, promotes joint health (which is a huge plus in their body scrubs), boosts immune health, replenishes dry skin, and protects skin.

3. Essential Oils: Unless you’ve been avoiding all social media, and magazines, you know that essential oils are in. They have so many benefits and have unlimited uses! Grounded uses them because they improve your mood, are wonderful to your skin, and are a natural remedy.

Grounded has four types of coffee scrubs available and you can choose either the facial scrub or the body one. But I mean, you will probably end up getting both like I did!

You can browse their entire list of Coffee Scrubs and see which fits your needs. I personally chose the Women’s Happiness Face Scrub. This wonderful package contains: CoffeeArabica, Persea Grattissima, and Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil (AKA Happiness).

Let’s talk about Ylang-Ylang Oil. This essential oil is a favorite of aromatherapists. It’s been known to be an antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, nervine (boosts, strengthens, and protects the nervous system), sedative, and lowers high blood pressure. It’s also great at fighting fatigue and insomnia and is amazing at maintaining moisture in your skin and keeps it smooth, glowing, and hydrated.

According to their site, you can get 3-5 uses out of one package and I got 7. It lasted for a wonderful week!! I applied the mask each morning and wore it while I drank my cup of coffee and chased my daughter around our home. I then washed it off when I took a shower.

It’s a wonderful start to my mornings and has become a routine. The essential oil and coffee mixture aids in waking up my skin, myself, and elevates my mood. I enjoy it so, so much. My skin has definitely improved since using it. It’s no longer dry, or dull. Did I mention how amazing it smells? There is a wonderful, floral fragrance that comes from this tropical flower. That’s probably why it’s used in so many other products! I plan on ordering the Women’s Relax Body Scrub soon! It has vanilla incorporated into it and I mean c’mon, us mamas can use some extra help with relaxing!

The best part is, they also have coffee scrubs for men! So you and the wonderful man in your life can enjoy some rejuvenating scrubs!!If you’d like to learn more about Grounded and their wonderful products, check out their Instagram!@Grounded_Limited

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