Happy Birthday Princess Katya! (Smashcake Shoot)

I won’t get emotional on this post, but if you are curious about what I have to say to my darling little Katya, read “An Open Letter to My Youngest Daughter on Her First Birthday.

A smashcake is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby’s first year. It’s a way to let them indulge on the sweeter parts of life and make a mess as they please. I have been planning this special day for a few months now and I am ecstatic with how well it all came together, from the cake to the letters, it couldn’t have been any better!

Katya has an allergy to dairy, eggs, and soy. For the past twelve months, I altered my diet in order to breastfeed her exclusively, until she decides to self wean of course. It’s been a journey, but my diet was easy to change. What proved to be challenging was creating a cake that will fit her dietary needs without breaking the bank and still be delicious. In fact, this was the very first cake she consumed!

CutesyCakes by Jenn has been catering my parties and filling them with desserts and sweet treats since I was pregnant with my first daughter, Anaís. Jenn created and baked beautiful cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more for my baby shower, baby sprinkle, my oldest daughters smashcake shoot, and her birthdays! Needless to say, Jenns cutesy treats have been crowd pleasers so I knew I had to hire her and put her skills to the test by creating an allergen friendly cake.

I contacted Jenn and we began brainstorming themes for Katyas smashcake shoot. If you know us well, you know that my daughter has been attached at my hip since birth, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My sister, who is also the face behind Cutesy Cakes by Jenn has an inside joke that Katya is a baby koala. Here’s a fun fact about koalas: “After birth, a mamma koala will carry the jellybean baby in her pouch for about six months; after it emerges, the newborn clings to its mother’s back or belly until it is around a year old.” It also doesn’t help that my baby’s big bright eyes and adorable nose matches those of a cuddly koala.

You guessed it, we made the theme of Katyas smashcake shoot, a koala. My sister was overjoyed when I agreed to have a koala theme, you can tell by how adorable her smashcake looks. Seeing as how Katya has never had cake before, Jenn decided to do something fun and outside of the box. She baked and designed a strawberry “butter” cream filled cake for the birthday girl!

Next on the list, decor and an outfit to match our theme! However, regardless of how adorable koalas are, a party theme centered around their cuddly-ness and sweet facial characteristics, isn’t common. In fact, I couldn’t find much on the party theme anywhere! I went back to the drawing board to see what I could create.

Who am I kidding, I’m not creative — hahah! However, I know an old friend who is, so I slid in her DM and asked her to help me bring my ideas to life. I had a hundred different concepts swarming my brain and with weeks of back and fourth messaging, we perfected this adorable koala baby banner, slices of cake included!

While Rose was creating my banner, I went on a hunt for a special outfit for my baby koala. I opened Etsy and began perusing all of the mom shops that I could find. Simply2Cute4Kids caught my eye and Jodi did not disappoint. This lovely mama created a delicate, woven cotton, bubble romper, with a smiling koala covering the fabric, and finished it with flutter sleeves and polka dot trims. This romper is something that Katya can wear over and over again, I knew I had to order it. Amidst the Coronavirus, it’s important to support small shops and order your items ahead of time. Thankfully, Jodi kept me updated with shipping so I wasn’t worrying about it arriving in time.

The Sunday before Katyas birthday, Jenn drove down from New York City, and dropped off Katyas smash cake. I spent the night preparing a little area where my munchkin can tear into her cake without any distractions. I may have shed a few tears as I took these beautiful pictures, I’m filled with many emotions.

As you can tell from the first two pictures, she wasn’t in the mood for anything, but after a nursing session she was ready to tackle that cake! I love watching her expression change as the pictures go on because you can tell she didn’t know how to feel about the cake but she did enjoy smashing it to bits.

Hubby, Katya, and I all tried the delicious vegan strawberry buttercream cake and my goodness it was delicious! After her mess making and cake smashing, I gave her a bath, we cuddled up on the couch for a nursing session and my birthday girl is now asleep.

My baby, is now one.

Happy birthday Princess Katya!


Mama bear

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