Anaís Turns One!

It’s the morning after Anaís First Birthday party, we just finished cleaning up, and I’m finally sitting down to type this. I’m going to be honest, I’m crying while typing this. I can’t believe my beautiful, little princess is one. The tiny human I carried for nine months, the tiny human who made me a mother, the person who taught me how to love someone more than I love myself, the beautiful soul that my husband and I created, has now been on this planet for 12 months. Where did the time go? I remember giving her, her first bath, changing her first diaper, introducing her to solid foods, and watching her learn how to crawl, walk, and talk. It wasn’t that long ago that I took her first month picture, and now we’re celebrating her first year!

My husband and I wanted to make Anaís’ first birthday a very special one. I know what some of you are thinking, “she’s one, she won’t remember this.” But, does that really matter? A comedian once said “if my kids don’t remember anything that I do for them, I might as well lock them in a closet and everyday I’ll open the door and ask them if they remember, if they don’t, I’ll come back tomorrow.” It sounds a little harsh, but in reality it’s funny. People always talk about why parents do this and that with their babies if they don’t remember. I mean why do anything for them if that’s the case. I digress. Back to party planning — hahah! Hubby and I wanted to make this a magical experience. I ventured as far out of the box as I could and threw a party that isn’t typical. I wanted to throw a party that celebrated the fact that she made our lives magical, that she is our lives, and that she made her appearance in Spring. I brainstormed themes for four months until I came up with the idea of a fairy, butterfly garden. Her love for florals, her arrival during the first week of Spring, it all seemed fitting.

Now that we’ve decided on a theme, I needed to find birthday invitations that fit the criteria. Butterflies, fairies, spring florals, and pastel colors. I browsed Etsy for weeks, favoriting 15 invitations that fit into my category, but none seemed right to me. I was beginning to lose hope and thought I might have to create my own. If you know me, you know I’m not creative at all! I was a bit terrified at the thought itself, so I decided to log onto Etsy one more time. I opened the app and Etsy displayed this beautiful, floral, fairy themed invitation in “Our Picks For You.” I fell in love! It was the one, I placed my order right away!

Theme? Check, invitations? Check. But what about matching decor? Where am I going to find butterfly, fairy garden decor? Utensils and place settings? Centerpieces? Did I mention I’m not creative? I’m the type of person that’s indecisive and always overwhelms herself and I was torturing myself trying to create my own decor. I found a few ideas on Pinterest, but I wasn’t satisfied with what I was finding. Everyday I kept going back and looking for more, and more ideas. Before I knew it, I had 50, yes 50 screenshots! I was going nuts! I was picking them all apart, and grabbing one idea from this one, and that one, and circling this one, and changing the color of that one. To be honest, this went on for two months. My husband was getting stressed out just watching me sketch it all out. I decided to take a few days off from party planning and allow myself to gather my thoughts. I’m glad that I took a break, because I came up with the perfect setup! It included tea cups, trees, flowers, butterflies, pink and gold everywhere, and florals everywhere! But how was I supposed to make this vision come to life? I’m too impatient for a whole DIY project and I know I couldn’t do it on my own. I was scrolling through Facebook one night, when I came upon this wonderful party decorator, Nelly. I browsed her Facebook page and fell in love with her work. I immediately sent her a private message and we began discussing my plans. A few days later we had a meeting and I trusted her to create my vision perfectly! She put it all together so beautifully. I couldn’t imagine anything more magical, beautiful, or fitting for my princess!!

I know, I was in awe when I first saw the completed project too! It took Nelly seven hours to complete. All our hard work and labor paid off. By the way, do you see that lovely 1-12 month banner? I couldn’t help myself and purchased it from Etsy. You have all seen her monthly pictures since I started in May 2017. I had to use them all to show how much our little beauty has changed over the course of a year. Now that the party is over, I’m going to find a way to incorporate that lovely banner into her nursery.

If you haven’t already, you should read my previous post about Anaís Smash Cake Shoot. Have you read it? Ok, great! Now you know who I chose to create her beautiful, three-tiered, delicious, birthday cake!! Cutesy Cakes catered our whole event. Jenn and I spent weeks discussing the perfect cake to go along with the butterfly, fairy garden theme. It was two weeks before her party when we finalized her cake design.

I couldn’t have dreamed up a more delicious, or magical cake if I tried! The first tier of Anaís’ birthday cake was Pina Colada, the second tier is Tres Leches, and the last tier is Cookies n’ Cream! How she created something so scrumptious? I have no idea! But we all enjoyed devouring it! In fact, we didn’t have any leftovers! But Jenn didn’t stop there, she made delicious cupcakes, brownies, and cookies to go along with our theme. My favorite treats were her red velvet, tulip covered cupcakes!

Overall, Anaís’ first birthday party was a success. The decor was beautiful, the sun came out to play, the food was delicious (thanks to my mom, my grandma, my dad, and my brother-in-law, and my uncle, both who were in charge of the grill!). Before I forget to mention, did you notice our matching T-shirts? And Anaís’ Onesie? We purchased our mom and dad T-Shirts from a shop on Etsy called Peanut and Tot, and Anaís’ onesie was purchased from another shop called Cutesy T Designs. I mean how adorable are they? Because we wore white tops, we wanted to keep it clean, so I purchased a white skirt, dad bought himself a pair of white pants, and we bought Anaís a cute pair of shorts from Garanimals. Again, I know what you’re thinking, “all white? She’s crazy!” And I won’t disagree with you — hahah! But you have to admit, when it’s all put together, it flows perfectly!

But watching Princess Anaís devouring the cheesecake brownies, and butterfly shaped cookies, and all of the frosting, was definitely a sight to see! I wanted her to have fun and mess up her clothes. After all, kids will be kids!!

Everyone had such a great time, we all ate tons of food, had drinks, danced, laughed, and cried (mainly me) but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

It’s been a year with our princess. Anaís has changed our lives so much. Her dad and I wanted to show her how much she means to us by making this day all about her. The princess loved her golden throne, all of the flowers around her, the sparkles, and of course all of the yummy treats. Princess Anaís, you are so dearly loved!

Thank you so much to all of our family and friends who came. You guys helped make this a day to remember. Anaís will look back at these pictures one day and know how much she’s loved! And thank you for all of the lovely gifts she received, the books, the adorable outfits, the toys. Anaís, my husband and I, love and thank all of you!

Here are a few more pictures of our beautiful family celebrating Anaís Birthday, enjoy!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. My husband and I had so much fun putting all of this together and making this a wonderful experience for my princess and all who attended!


The luckiest mama in the world!

7 thoughts on “Anaís Turns One!

  1. Beautiful! I love that cake, but the decor just blew me away. She may not remember, but you and your family will! And there’s always photos!

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