Date Night in Times Square

My husband took me to Times Square on my 23rd birthday, it was also our first official date. Today he surprised me with another trip to the city, this time to visit the tree in Rockefeller Center!! Keep in mind, I have never seen the tree in person nor dreamed of going! He claims it’s the first part of my Christmas present, I don’t even care what the next part is. I enjoyed this trip so much. Did you know this is our first date since we had our daughter back in April? Yeah, I know!

Our trip started with a two hour train ride to NYC. I’ve never been on a train before, so obviously I was a chicken LOL. However, the ride wasn’t too bad. He kept me talking and occupied the whole time so I wasn’t freaking out. I can gladly say we made it to and from in one piece! Can I just say that Grand Central Terminal is even more beautiful in person than on television!? Obviously I had to take tons of pictures!

After taking my pictures of the terminal, we decided to walk around and explore Times Square Again, this time, the holiday version — haha! It was quite busy. There was a lot of hustle and bustle to get holiday shopping done. The hubby and I finished our shopping a few weeks ago so we decided to explore our favorite place, the Hershey’s store!

Obviously the hubby knew better than to let me stay there long because I was headed for the bigger-than-my-head chocolate bars with determination. Smelling all of that delicious chocolate reminded us that we hadn’t yet eaten today. As usual I couldn’t decided what or where I wanted to eat. I contemplated sushi but was unsure. My husband then reminded me of my goal: to eat somewhere in NYC that we can’t find in CT. When he came back from his deployment in Japan, he showed me pictures of this amazing restaurant he went to. It was a small, cozy place, that allowed you to cook your own food on a grill, right on your table! I knew I had to find that experience in NYC. So what did I do? I literally googled “place where I can cook my Japanese food on my table in Times Square” laugh at me if you want, but it worked! We found this fantastic Japanese BBQ restaurant called Gyu-Kaku. If you’re ever around the area, check it out! I promise you will not regret it. The experience was fantastic, the staff was wonderful, and the drinks were strong, bold, and original. I had two Asian inspired drinks. The first was called Tokyo Tea. The tea had seven types of vodka and three types of gin in one glass. The second drink was called Tokyo Sunset, this drink was a little more mild with only six kinds of vodka. Mama was definitely feeling good — haha!Lets talk about the most important part, the food! Oh my the food was the most delicious I’ve ever had! We arrived during happy hours so the prices were great (they aren’t expensive either way!) so we ordered a little of everything. The menu had almost every type of meat, seafood and vegetable you could think of. We decided to pick something from each category. We ordered scallops, garlic shrimps, lamb chops, short rib, kalbi beef, broccoli, and vegetable fried rice (extra spicy of course). The food took less than 20 minutes to get to us and was served so beautifully. We also ordered this yummy corn served in an adorable aluminum container. The corn was mixed with a secret, savory, creamy sauce.

Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the fried rice, I was too busy devouring all of the food. But here’s a picture of me happily eating it!

The experience I had at this BBQ joint was a wonderful one. Who knew it would be so much fun to cook your own food in a restaurant. I was excited to use my tongs and throw food onto that heated grill! I felt like Bobby Flay!!

But while I was stuffing my face my hubby decided to takeover and cook the kolbi beef for me. My handsome chef 🙂

Needless to say, after all that food we were stuffed. I didn’t want to move, but we had a mission. We wandered out of the restaurant and headed down to Rockefeller Center. Can I add the fact that my feet started hurting during this long walk? I should have been smarter than to wear wedges. I definitely learned my lesson. Along the way, we saw some wonderful holiday themed setups. Can you tell I enjoy taking pictures? 🙂 After a few more painful steps, we arrived at our destination. At this point I was a little less annoyed with my feet and so elated that I was standing under that beautiful tree!

We couldn’t resist the urge to get even more photos taken with that big, bright, wonderful tree. We found a local photographer by the name of Arken Avan. He happily snapped a few lovely photos for us (we got over 100!) I was delighted with how crisp, clear, and romantic they looked! You can find him on Instagram if you’d like to see some of his wonderful work @newyorkfaces maybe he can take your pictures someday!

We weren’t done yet. After getting our pictures, we decided to explore the city some more. I’m so glad we did! Just when I thought New York City couldn’t be more beautifully decorated and festive for the holidays, they proved me wrong. If you have a chance, watch the wonderful, creative light show.

At this point my feet were killing me! The hubby and I decided that cupcakes, cookies, or cannolis would make me feel better. I googled bakery’s and realized that The Cake Boss has a bakery around the corner. Obviously we had to stop by and taste the goodies that he’s so famous for. Upon our arrival, the place was packed, as to be expected with a big name like that. There were so many items to choose from, we didn’t know where to start.

My husband wanted to try the famous cheesecake and I decided to try the dark chocolate mousse.

I can honestly say, we were both disappointed. The cheesecake had an odd flavor and wasn’t as soft as a cheesecake usually is. Also, the mousse was so heavy. It was not light and fluffy as it should be. I could not eat more than three bites! Sorry Carlo, you’re baked goods weren’t our favorite.

On our way back to Grand Central Terminal, I had to make a pit stop at my favorite store Forever21. I’m obsessed with their clothing and he fact that there’s over four floors!

We’re now on our way home via train. I’m typing this blog post to distract myself from my anxiety as my hubby takes a nap on my shoulder.

This was one of the best days I’ve had with him. We’ve had so many, I can’t even begin to name all of them. However, this is definitely one for the books! I’m so glad that he surprised me with this wonderful trip. He sure knows how to make his gal happy!! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about our trip!


A happy, loved, and grateful wife

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