Essentials for Surviving The Newborn Stage

First off, congratulations on your new bundle of joy! And welcome to the fourth trimester. This is the time where you get to bond with your tiny human, get to know one another, learn how to be a mama, discover a new side of yourself (if it’s your first time), and just soak up all of the newborn love and bliss.

I just welcomed my second daughter into the world and had to start from scratch because my first daughter is two. While taking care of my newborn, I decided to use my experience and share my version of Essentials for Surviving the Newborn Stage. I started this blog to help moms out, so I figured why not share the love and knowledge!

If you’re a first-time mom, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with all of the options on the market, you’re receiving advice from everyone (whether you asked or not), and just trying to figure out what you need and what you don’t. Before you buy half of the store and spend hundreds of dollars, check out my list of essentials, I promise you won’t regret it.

10 Essentials for The Newborn Stage:

Essential #1: Nursing Pillow

If you plan on breastfeeding your bub this is a must-have. Your baby will nurse sporadically throughout the day/night, and the length of each session will vary, but one thing that won’t change is that your arms will get tired and whether you’re nursing for five minute or twenty, you will be glad you have the extra support.

Essential #2: Nursing Bras/Camis

This is an essential if you’re breastfeeding, pumping, or both. Having easy access to your babies milk source is crucial. Nursing bras have a clip that easily detaches and reattaches, that way you can unclip when baby is hungry and clip it right back up. Most nursing bras have padding so you won’t need to worry about leakage, and might I add they are extremely comfortable. If bras aren’t your thing, they sell camis and tops as well, that can help you nurse wherever you are. However, I will add one important detail, when buying nursing bras make sure you purchase your correct size. Your breast size will change during the first few months of nursing, they usually increase in size and if you miss a feeding or two they can engorge. Having the right fitting bra will prevent any discomfort and disruption to your milk supply.

Essential #3: Swaddles with or without Velcro

Swaddling is essential…for your sanity, just kidding, but no really! If you want to know more about swaddling, I wrote a post discussing The Benefits of Swaddling Baby.

If your newborn is anything like my two girls, they won’t stay swaddled and that’s why I am so glad I invested in swaddles with Velcro. Velcro swaddles are easy to get them into and take them off, and they can’t get out of them while sleeping. If you’re into origami and can keep your bub in a regular swaddle blanket, then go for it! To each his own 🙂

Essential #4: Bliss Bassinet

I may be biased here but I am obsessed with our bassinet from Bliss (not sponsored) we purchased ours from BuyBuyBaby. The bassinet is called Bliss Sweetli Deluxe. It has modern technology that monitors room temperature, checks the humidity, and even includes an option to set feeding reminders! (Which comes in handy if you’re a heavy sleeper). The bassinet has a large under storage space, is made from steel and wood so you can rest assured that it’s sturdy, it comes with a mattress pad and two sheets, and of course an adorable mobile that has the moon and stars. I can’t forget the most important features! The bassinet has a vibrating option with multiple speeds, a nightlight, an option to play music and you can control the volume, as well as the ability to control the mobile. If you’re torn about which bassinet to get, I highly recommend this one!

A bassinet is beneficial because it fits right beside your bed so you have easy access to bubs all night long, it teaches baby to sleep on their own, you don’t have to worry about them being in a huge crib all by themselves, and you can move it around the house throughout the day so baby will always be by your side.

Essential #5: Burp Cloths

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, burp cloths are a huge help. Bibs are great too but having sometimes around my babies neck can give me anxiety, whereas a burp cloth is huge and can be used a little longer, if it’s wet you can just toss it in the hamper instead of letting it sit around their neck while you feed (try your best not to let this happen), and if you’re breastfeeding it helps keep things clean.

Essential #6: Corset/Girdle

Okay, so this is more for mom than it is for baby. Wearing a corset can help speed up your healing process. Your uterus needs to contract to it’s normal size, your abdominal muscles need to tighten up again, and some moms have abdominal separation after birth. Wearing a corset/belly band after birth can help resolve all of these issues, it also helps you feel more put together and increases your posture. I have also read that it can help with weight loss later on down the line, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Essential #7: Pajamas with Zippers

Buttons,oh how I loathe buttons! Especially when infant clothing has the old-fashioned kinds. A wiggly newborn does not want to lay there until you button each button, even snaps can sometimes be difficult. Having your newborn in pajamas with zippers makes life easier when it comes to changing their diapers (especially at night), if you need to change their clothes because there’s a poop explosion, and it’s all around more comfortable for them.

Essential #8: Boba Baby Wrap/Carrier

Let’s discuss baby wearing! It’s so beneficial for both mom and baby, especially if you’re breastfeeding because it’s been known to help boost milk supply. That skin-to-skin contact is great for bonding, relaxing baby, and helping you get things done. My little darling loves to be held but mom still needs to get things done like eating, cleaning, and taking care of big sister. It’s also helpful when you’re out and about and baby wants to be held but you need both hands to dig through those Target deals!

I used a boba wrap because I love the material, that it grows with baby, and is comfortable for us both. Hubby uses your basic carrier that has snaps and it works perfectly for him! Test a few of them out and see which suits your needs.

Essential #9: Fisher-Price Rinse ‘n Grow Bathtub

Before I explain why you should purchase a bathtub for baby, I do want to note that you shouldn’t give baby a bath or submerge them in water until their umbilical cord falls off.

Having a bathtub that grows with baby is the safest way to give them a bath, although babies have drowned in infant tubs (never leave your bubs unsupervised in a tub) it helps to have that assistance because most of them come with a net for baby to lay in, and as they get older you can still give them a bath in it because it’ll be the perfect size!

Essential #10: HoMedics Cool Mist Humidifier with Soundspa

White noise. White noise. White noise. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for a good nights sleep, for you both. After babies first month, they become startled by loud noises and the last thing either of you want is for baby to be startled awake at 2am. White noise helps them fall asleep and stay asleep and to be honest, I may be twenty-something but I still need white noise in the background to fall asleep — hahah. It’s also great to have a humidifier as well!

I hope this list helps you out mama and that you’re better prepared when you start shopping for essentials for baby. You can buy more or less items as you would like but these are just the basics you and baby will need during their newborn stage.


A mama trying to help xx

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