ReasonY Beauty Face Masks

I take my skincare routine seriously or at least I try to — haha!! But in all honesty, my favorite part of my skincare routine are the masks I use. I use a few different types of masks, and brands. However , I use them religiously.

Have you ever used a sheet mask? I had not, that is until I found ReasonY Beauty. I never found the appeal of sheet masks until I read the reviews. Majority of its users said it did the job, feels like a facial at a spa, and is more effective than other masks. Although I now agree with them, I still enjoy my occasional peel-off masks and scrubs.

So what exactly is a sheet mask and how do you use it? A sheet mask is a mask that has been soaked in the product and ready to wear.

Step 1. Cleanse and dry your face.

Step 2. Holding the tabs on the mask, you pull it open and position it on your face.

Step 3. Leave on for about 15-20mins

Step 4. Remove the mask and massage the remaining solution into skin.

ReasonY Beauty has 7 different masks available. Each mask serves its own purpose.

  1. Jet Setter – This mask helps with dryness
  2. PMS Knockout – The name says it all. This masks focuses on hormonal breakouts.
  3. Late Night Socialite – The “glow” mask gives your skin back it’s shine even if you’ve been up all night.
  4. Workout Warrior – This mask helps rejuvenate your skin and cleanses it after a workout.

5. Sun Goddess – The sun mask is designed to help cool and soothe your skin after a long day in the sun.

6. Breakout Beauty – This mask focuses on treating breakouts and remove bacteria.

7. Big Day Diva – This mask helps moisturize and brighten skin. Use it before any “big day”

My favorite masks are Jet Setter, Breakout Beauty and Workout Warrior. I workout 5 days a week, my skin gets very dry sometimes, especially around winter, and unfortunately I’m one of those unlucky individuals that just breaks out from time to time.

The Jet Setter mask is designed to rejuvenate and moisturize. It does both those things and more! The mask cools your skin and gets rid of that tight feeling. It contains glacial and sea water complex. Two amazing ingredients that help give your skin a wonderful glow.

The Breakout Beauty mask contains the ever so treasured tea tree extract. It helps remove bacteria so your skin can breathe again, it takes blemishes and calms irritation. Those are three very important things I look for in a mask.

Last but not least, the Workout Warrior mask. You guys know how gross and icky our skin feels after a workout. All that sweat clogs all of our pores, our skin becomes irritated, and gets a little red. This wonderful mask contains grapefruit extract which is a natural disinfectant. It helps tone our skin and leaves a refreshing feeling.

If you want to try out these masks yourself you can purchase it on their website! 🙂

ReasonY Beauty

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