Happy Second Birthday, Katya

Happy happy birthday to my baby, Katy! Your first trip around the sun with us was wonderful and our journey as a family of four gets better as the days pass. It’s been two years of raising you my little cub and your heart is as pure as your smile. I’m thankful for your gentleness and the softer aspects of your personality, but I love to hear you roar. The way you bring joy to those around you and try to keep a smile on their faces, both a blessing and a curse. My princess, you taught me age doesn’t … Continue reading Happy Second Birthday, Katya

Parenting During The Pandemic

March 8th, 2020 was the first day of quarantine in Connecticut, and we just passed the one year mark of the pandemic, what a ride it has been and continues to be. I am thankful for my family’s health and well-being during this time, my husband is a first responder and his job has kept us on the edge of our seat since COVID-19 made its way into our lives and stole our sense of security and comfort. Parenting during the pandemic opened my eyes and brought me closer to my daughters, broadened my horizons, exposed my childhood traumas that … Continue reading Parenting During The Pandemic

Katya Turns One!

Katya Turns One! This bash was a ton of fun! Celebrating my daughters first lap around the sun means the world to me. Big or small, both of my girls deserve it all. I began planning Katyas first birthday party when she reached her six month milestone because I knew I needed time to plan, create, and prepare an extraordinary party. It may be a cultural thing, but I enjoy having a huge celebration and going all out in everything that I do. On the other hand, I was heartbroken when quarantine began and covid-19 ruled our days. Call me … Continue reading Katya Turns One!

Dear Parents, Please Stop Complaining About Being Quarantined with Your Kids

Dear Parents, please stop complaining about being quarantined with your kids, the ones you made and brought into this world. You chose to have these babies, remember? I understand that our current lifestyle is difficult, stressful, and uncertain. However, it isn’t your child’s fault and you should not take out your frustrations on them because believe it or not, they are struggling as much as you. We are entitled to our feelings and opinions about our current situation and I am not taking that away from you. Rather, I want you to stop and think about your actions and comments … Continue reading Dear Parents, Please Stop Complaining About Being Quarantined with Your Kids