Becoming Mrs. Douglas

Hubby and I got engaged March of 2017. His proposal was beautiful and something I will never forget. However, I knew planning a wedding was not going to be an easy task. 

Jay and I are both quiet and private. We are not showy people, so we agreed discreet and low-key would be best. We didn’t announce our wedding plans, it was our little secret. Later on down the line we will have another ceremony. A ceremony slightly bigger, where we can invite our close family members. As of now, Jay and I didn’t care about big or glamorous, that stuff didn’t matter. The most important thing was that we were getting married.

Babe and I invited our closest of friends, the ones who mean the most and have always been there for us. We decided to have an intimate ceremony in a local park. The park was beautiful! It was surrounded by water and overlooked by a lovely bridge.

However, he left the theme and our wedding attire up to me. I was excited! Although I am a bit indecisive, I enjoy planning things. I had to come up with a theme that reflected the both of us. I made two lists. One list described each of our characteristics, the other had themes that reflected said characteristics. Bohemian! Babe and I both enjoy nature and simplicity. We share the same outlook on life: unconventional and nonconformists. It was perfect for us. Besides, I knew how dapper he would look in suspenders and a bow-tie.

Next, were the colors to go along with our bohemian theme. Jay and I are on the more tan side so I definitely wanted something that wasn’t too vibrant but still reflected spring. He made my job so much easier. He fell in love with a beautiful, navy blazer while shopping one day. It took him one day to find his entire outfit. He was all set. 

I didn’t want to be a traditional bride. I wanted to avoid white. I needed something that complimented navy but wasn’t dark. I spent days going over color wheels trying to find the perfect match. Champagne! Champagne and navy!

When it came to finding my outfit, I had a much harder time. Being a mom of a two-month-old, my body is still slowly getting itself back together. I was afraid to try on dresses. I browsed online for a few days but nothing caught my eye. I decided to make an appointment at Davids Bridal. 

Princess Anaís, dad and I all made our way to Davids Bridal. I know it isn’t traditional but I wanted him to help me pick out my dress. Their boutique was filled with these beautiful, bold and extravagant dresses. I knew it was going to be a challenge finding what I wanted. I had two words to describe it: simple and champagne. My stylist Ashley, had a hard time. I kept saying no to everything. After an hour of searching we were able to find four beautiful dresses that fit my criteria.

Ashley led me to the fitting room. I got a room next to another bride. Her name was Stacey. Stacey was trying on the big and sparkly dresses. She was makin it all seem so effortless. I was so nervous my palms were sweaty. I decided to try on my dresses from my most favorite to the least. I stepped out and saw myself in the 360 mirror, I felt beautiful. The dress was flowy, light and gorgeous. The expression on babes face was priceless. I received a shout of approval from beside me. Stacey and her squad, which included her mom, sister, and grandmother, told me I should say yes to the dress. But I still wanted to try on the rest of the dresses. I wanted to make sure this was really the one for me. I tried on the next dress. It was pearl white, with a high neck and covered in lace. It was beautiful but too much for me. I tried on another, it was ivory, satin, and form-fitting. I felt uncomfortable and frumpy. I put on another and stopped mid-zip, I didn’t even want to see what I looked like in that one. I tried on the first dress again. I didn’t want to take it off. I kept twirling and whirling around like a little girl. Babe smiled and gave his approval. Stacey and her squad told me to go for it, it was made for me. I felt the same.

Next we’re accessories. I had no idea what to wear with a dress like this. Ashley, told me she knew exactly what I was looking for and darted away. She came back with this beautiful pair of sandals. They were covered in jewels and had a comfy strap. I loved it! They complimented my dress perfectly.

Stacey was staring at herself in the mirror. She had on this beautiful, princess dress. It had a crystal covered, corset top and a gold ribbon wrapped around the waist. She was debating with her squad on whether or not it was ‘the one.’ I shouted, “Say yes! Say yes! You look beyond beautiful.” She began crying and hugged me. Are all brides this nice? Haha!

At David’s Bridal, they have a tradition. When a bride says yes to the dress, they have you make a wish. You can wish for anything you would like. I won’t tell you guys what I wished for, but I rang that bell as loud as I could!

Stacey, too, said yes to her dress. I watched her make her wish. She asked if we could take a picture together and I agreed. She was crying so much, I was trying my very best to be strong. I knew once I started, I couldn’t stop. Standing there looking at myself in the mirror. I had so many emotions coursing through me. We both did. Are brides always this emotional? I guess we have a right to be.

I now needed to decide what our bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear. I wanted their outfits compliment our color scheme. Once again, I sat down with my color wheel and began comparing different swatches. Babe and I wanted the attire to be laid back but still dressy.

Champagne, champagne all around! LOL. We decided that the guys will wear champagne colored blouses and dark jeans. Whereas, the bridesmaids will wear champagne colored dresses. I was content with my decision and excited to see how it will all come together.

Babe and I had one last, major detail to tackle. Finding an officiate. We are not religious. I identify as Hindu and him as Christian. However, neither of us practice our religion. We decided that a Justice of The Peace would be a perfect fit. Finding one was a lot harder than I thought. After a few days of browsing around the internet and making some phone calls, we found our guy. His name is Jason Longo. If you live in Connecticut and need a J.O.P or a notary, look him up! He helped us out so much and the ceremony was beautiful and easy breezy.

Saturday June 10, 2017, the day I got married to the love of my life. The weather was beautiful, the view was beautiful, all of our friends looked great. However, I couldn’t stop staring at him. 6’2, chiseled, pure perfection. I can’t get over how handsome he is and how lucky I am. I have never been so attracted to someone.

His vows were so heartfelt and beautiful. I wanted to melt. Watching his lips tremble, his eyes welling with tears, and a smile so bright. If I ever had any doubts, they all faded that day. Even our friends cried. I have to say, Mr. Douglas, has a way with words. 

It was official. I was now Mrs. Douglas and we were truly a family. Mom, dad and our beautiful little flower girl, Princess Anaís.

It was supposed to pour that afternoon, followed by a thunderstorm. However, the sunshine didn’t let up. We took advantage of the weather and took so many beautiful pictures!

I want to thank all of our friends. You guys are awesome! Dealing with our last minute wardrobe changes, being patient with us as we took a thousand pictures and for all of you becoming our photographers that day. There’s a reason you guys are our best friends.

2 thoughts on “Becoming Mrs. Douglas

  1. Your story is amazing, so simplistic but yet so romantic. I love it 😍 Congratulations I wish you both many long and beautiful years. ❤️

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