My BumpBoxx

BumpBoxx is a wonderful subscription service for moms and moms-to-be. The boxes tailor to any stage of your pregnancy and can be purchased even after baby’s first birthday!

The boxes are tailored to moms due date. You can purchase a monthly subscription for $39.99/month and get 4-8 full-sized products, order gift subscriptions, or purchase one-time trimester boxes.

The box I received was tailored to Anaís age. She’s 10 months old. It’s a wonderful box filled with bath-time products for both mama and baby.


  1. Glow Organics Charcoal Face & Body Mask
  2. Belli_Beauty Body Wash
  3. KidO Floating Duck
  4. Little Twig BumbleBee Bath Mitten
  5. Bella B. Bubble Bath
  6. Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar Chips


  1. Glow Organics Charcoal Face & Body Mask: I enjoy charcoal products and so I was very excited to try this mask. I have very sensitive skin so I was nervous. I had the mask on for about 10 mins and my skin felt very tingly. After I washed it off my skin was a bit red, and felt warm. I don’t think my skin enjoyed it very much. However, I used it on my body and it worked so much better! If you do want to try this product, I suggest trying it on a small area first.
  2. Belli_Beauty Body Wash: This body wash smells and feels amazing! I’ve been using it for a while now and it makes my skin feel great. I always pack it whenever we go on a getaway. I have very sensitive skin as mentioned above, so I enjoy the fact that there aren’t too many chemicals in it.
  3. KidO Floating Duck: When I first saw the box I assumed it was an inflatable duck. However, after opening it I learned it was a floating duck that bobbed in the water. No inflation necessary. It’s made of a solid, easy to clean, plastic. Anaís loves having it in the tub during her bath.
  4. Little Twig BumbleBee Bath Mitten: This bath mitten is so cute! It even has little wings! When you put it under water the wings float up and Anaís loves it so much!
  5. Bella B. Bubble Bath: It creates an awesome bubble bath for baby, what more can I say? It was great for her sensitive skin (like mama like daughter) and smelled amazing!
  6. Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar Chips: These chickpea chips were super yummy! Even Anaís enjoyed it. It’s healthy and delicious. Definitely one of my new favorite snacks. The best part, is the cheddar. It’s bold and tasty!

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