The Benefits of Swaddling Baby

When swaddling is done right, it works! If you ask parents if they think swaddling is helpful, most likely they will say yes. In fact, research shows 9 out of 10 parents recommend swaddling. Swaddling can help baby fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, help you keep your sanity, and even prevent SIDS! Read on to learn more about the benefits of swaddling baby.

Why Swaddle Your Baby?

When done correctly, swaddling helps your baby get better sleep and keeps them calm. It also can help prevent SIDS, as long as you don’t put your baby to sleep on their stomachs and follow the rules accordingly. It’s simple, swaddling helps control baby’s motor activity and mimics the feeling of being held, which in turn calms them down.

What Swaddle Works Best?

It’s up to you! If you prefer going to the traditional way and buying a muslin wrap and swaddling your baby, go for it! If your looking for something that’s easier but just as efficient, then opt for the Velcro option.

How Many Swaddles Should I Purchase?

I would say purchase at least 3-4 different swaddles. Babies have poop explosions, accidents happen, things get messy, and you don’t want them using the same swaddle everyday, kind of like you wouldn’t want to sleep in the same sheets or pajamas 7 days a week (unless you do laundry every few days then kudos to you!) Add it to your baby registry as well so your friends and family can add to your collection if pricing is an issue.

What You Must Know About Swaddling Baby:

Once babies can roll over on their own and can do so purposefully, stop swaddling them to prevent SIDS. Also, if you decide to swaddle baby, make sure the swaddle is not too tight or you can cause hip and joint damage, impact their breathing if their chest is wrapped too tightly, and cutoff their circulation. Swaddling too loosely is an issue as well because if the swaddle becomes undone it can lead to suffocation. If you’re not sure how to swaddle baby, you can ask their pediatrician for help. You can even ask your nurse to show you how it’s done, after giving birth.

Benefits of Swaddling Baby:

    Swaddling your infant mimics the feeling of moms arms and being in the womb.
    Swaddled babies fall asleep quicker, and stay asleep longer.
    Swaddling decreases the Moro/startle reflex and in turns allows baby to sleep longer.
    Swaddling baby means they get better sleep which allows them to stay in REM sleep longer.
    REM sleep is essential for baby’s development.
    Because baby sleeps longer when swaddled, parents in turn will have a more restful nights sleep, allowing you to be more productive and function better.
    Swaddling helps infants remain on their back which is very, very important in the prevent of SIDS. However, stop swaddling baby once they can roll over on their own.
    Swaddling prevents over-stimulation and disturbances from loud sounds, lights, and sudden movement. As discussed in #1, it mimics the womb and so baby feels protected as if they were still inside the safety of mom.
    Swaddling helps breastfeeding moms. When breastfeeding you should tuck babies arms under yours so they stay latched longer, having them swaddled keeps their arms from disturbing their feeding.
    Swaddling helps keeps baby warm. Babies aren’t as efficient yet when it comes to regulating their own body temperature, the swaddle keeps them nice and cozy.
    Swaddling reduces fussiness, gas, and colic which leads to better digestion and a happier baby.
    Prevent scratching. Babies are infamous for scratching themselves which is why they created little mittens to prevent this. However, swaddling works just as well!

I hope this post helped you make an informed decision on choosing to swaddle your bubs!


A mama who swaddles her babes xx

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