Dear Husband,

Husband — Oh! My wonderful husband!

There is so much I’m thankful for, I don’t know if I could put it into words. Here’s my attempt on explaining how proud I am that you’re in our lives.

You are a great man. No, you’re an amazing man. You are not the man of my dreams. You’ve exceeded any expectations I’ve ever dreamt of. You’ve destroyed my nightmares and brought me peace.

You are a selfless man. When you see I am tired and weary you give me time to rest. When I come up with another silly dream you find a way to fulfill it. When you know I’m exhausted you order take-out so I can have a break. You help me clean our never-ending messes on your days off. You’re a selfless man.

You’re a loving man. You smother me with kisses day and night and every moment in between. You snuggle our daughter and fill her with laughter. You rub my feet and tickle my back when I ask. You wipe away tears and hold me when I fall apart.

You’re a strong man. You speak the truth when you know it must be said. You aren’t afraid of anything that life throws at you. You live with purpose. When I question myself you steer me in the right direction. I trust you to guide us through this life.

Thank you for pushing me to grow. For pushing me to go after my dreams. Thank you for pulling me out of the dark. Thank you for showing me the truth when I needed to see it the most. Thank you for asking me the tough questions. Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and love, even when I didn’t deserve it.

Thank you for being a loving man. I hope you know you’re loved for all that you are. I hope you know I’m sorry for all the moments I’ve said nasty things or had a hurtful tone. Know that my heart breaks knowing that I hurt you.

I see you.

I see how much you care about us and how hard you work to make us happy. I see how you look at me when I take care of our child. I can see the proudness in your eyes.

I want you to know that none of your hard work goes unnoticed. To be honest, I don’t know if I can live a day in your shoes. Your time is limited and your needs always come last. But, I know you do it all for us.

Thank you for being the example for our daughter. For showing her what a husband and father should be. Thank you.

It wasn’t so long ago that we promised each other forever. I thought nothing could compare to that perfect moment. However, I was wrong. The best moments in our life are the ones that happen everyday. When you surprise me with a bouquet after I acted like I didn’t like flowers. When you stop at the door and give me a loving glance before you leave for work. When you go to the store at midnight to find my favorite ice cream because I’ve had a bad day. Or how you tell me I’m beautiful every day. These are the best moments in my life. I can’t wait for more.


Your wife.

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