Essentials for Surviving The Newborn Stage

First off, congratulations on your new bundle of joy! And welcome to the fourth trimester. This is the time where you get to bond with your tiny human, get to know one another, learn how to be a mama, discover a new side of yourself (if it’s your first time), and just soak up all of the newborn love and bliss. I just welcomed my second daughter into the world and had to start from scratch because my first daughter is two. While taking care of my newborn, I decided to use my experience and share my version of Essentials … Continue reading Essentials for Surviving The Newborn Stage

The Benefits of Swaddling Baby

When swaddling is done right, it works! If you ask parents if they think swaddling is helpful, most likely they will say yes. In fact, research shows 9 out of 10 parents recommend swaddling. Swaddling can help baby fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, help you keep your sanity, and even prevent SIDS! Read on to learn more about the benefits of swaddling baby. Why Swaddle Your Baby? When done correctly, swaddling helps your baby get better sleep and keeps them calm. It also can help prevent SIDS, as long as you don’t put your baby to sleep on their … Continue reading The Benefits of Swaddling Baby

The Benefits of Breastfeeding: Mom and Baby

My decision to breastfeed my daughter has been constantly questioned. I have been told that formula is easier and more convenient, asked if I am not ashamed for exposing my body and feeding my daughter in public places, told that my breast milk won’t keep her full, and that formula fed babies are happier and healthy. Honestly, I want to tell all of those people to shove it and mind their business. Instead, I politely nod my head and change the conversation. I may not know everything, but I’m assuming these individuals do not understand or know the benefits that … Continue reading The Benefits of Breastfeeding: Mom and Baby