Why I Prefer Breastfeeding

Many people have questioned my choice of breastfeeding. I have been told that formula is easier and more convenient so why breastfeed? Am I not embarrassed to breastfeed AnaĆ­s in public? And if I know that formula is better for her and im wasting my time. Honestly, I wanted to tell all those people to... Continue Reading →

One Month with My Little

It's May 17th, 2017 and bubs is officially a month old! Time is really flying by. Adjusting to our life as new parents have had it's ups and downs but we've been enjoying every minute of it. Almost every parent hubs and I came across have warned us. They warned us about three things: sleep,... Continue Reading →

My Birth Story

As I sit here typing this, I have a beautiful little human latched on to me. I still can't believe she's finally here! I'm so grateful to be her mom, words can't even explain. Before I share my birth story I want to say we women are incredible, strong and powerful beings. Creating a human... Continue Reading →

Why I Decided to Start A Blog

When I first discovered I was pregnant with bubs I contemplated the idea of starting a blog. I wanted to document my pregnancy, my journey into motherhood and dealing with all that came with it. I was unsure where to begin. Instagram is the only form of social media that I currently use. It was... Continue Reading →

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