Ditch Store Bought Soaps and Shop Small

Ditch your store bought soaps and shop small! Yes, I’m talking about your Bed, Bath, & Body Works, your Target brands and CVS dupes.

I made the switch to vegan, clean, and cruelty-free beauty over a year ago and I’m never going back to mainstream products. The benefits of purchasing organic, homemade, and clean products from small business owners on Etsy or in your city outweighs the bargain prices of big box retailers.

Did you know that 64% of products we use on our bodies are absorbed into our skin? Some products absorb quicker than others and seeps into our bloodstream! What are you putting on your body?

Store bought, big box sold, and mainstream soaps contain animal fats, vegetable oils, artificial fragrances, mineral oil, detergents, drying alcohols, sulfates, parabens, and copious filler ingredients. None of these ingredients are good for your skin or overall health and because of the lack of regulations, these companies can advertise their products as natural or good for you even though they are the complete opposite.

Soap making is like cooking, it takes time to create a truly delicious meal or in this case, a wonderful batch of soap. Attention to detail, organic, sustainable, and natural essential oils, herbs, plants, natural colorants, and patience are all the ingredients you need to create bars of good-for-your-skin soap. Furthermore, handmade soaps contain essential oils rather than artificial fragrances so you’re receiving the mental and physical health benefits of the oils.

Natural soap bars contain coconut oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, Shea butter, hemp butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, various essential oils, and sometimes more types of butter combinations depending on the maker and the benefits of the bars they are creating. These butters/oils/fats have essential fatty acids that your skin is craving, not those weird mish-mosh ingredients in your store bought soaps. If you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t consume it or rub it on your body.

FUN FACT: Glycerin is essential in soaps because of its nourishing properties. It’s created in the natural process of soap making which is why handmade soap bars are our skins best friend. BUT! Big companies REMOVE the glycerin and dump it into their lotions and creams, that way you have to buy their lotions! Do you think they would make money if their products actually helped you?

Why You Should Ditch Store Bought Soaps:

1. Ingredients: Store bought soaps contain beef/ animal fat. In fact, most soaps on store shelves are petroleum based and have the same ingredients as laundry detergents! These chemicals strip your skin, and do more damage than the eye can see. Not to mention what’s happening each time you use it and your body absorbs it. Store bought soap contains many harmful and toxic ingredients that are skin irritants, they don’t benefit us in any way. Did you know antibacterial soaps contain triclosan? That’s a pesticide!

2. Quality: Store bought soaps are made in large batches with low rate ingredients. Fillers, synthetic dyes, parabens, sulfates, and alcohols are all ingredients that can effect our hormones and be carcinogenic! Our skin is our largest organ and our most useful detox organ, why pollute it? Handmade soaps preserves the quality of the oils and butters used, what goes in comes out. Nutrients aren’t lost during the soap making process and the longer the bars have to cure, the more wonderful their lather and benefits become. Store bought soaps are made in large batches with no resting period, just chemical after chemical.

3. Skin Irritants: If you suffer from skin conditions, you will find immediate relief by switching to handmade soaps, I promise you! The makers of handmade soaps can create a custom blend for you using essential oils that can heal your skin and prevent future issues. Do you know why? It’s because store bought soaps are made to strip your skin so that you keep coming back for more. They fill their products with harmful and toxic ingredients that destroy your skin so that you can purchase another product to “repair” it. It’s a vicious cycle.

4. Harm: Who made that soap? Were animals harmed in the making? What about humans? What conditions was this soap made in, and did it harm the environment? We have no idea where these soaps are being made or who’s making it. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Also, swapping from store bought to handmade will decrease your foot print and help our planet!

Do you know what’s hard? Change.

Change does not come easy but it’s essential in growth and our well being. Store bought soaps were created by a father company that controls all the other companies, these products weren’t made for our benefit but rather profit. They designed their products to destroy our skin so that we keep going back to buy more to “repair” what’s being damaged. Think about it, if head & shoulders really worked, would you need to be using it as often? Isn’t it supposed to end dandruff? End the cycle and recycle those flyers. Don’t buy commercial soap anymore, there are many wonderful small shop owners who create delightful, organic soap bars!

Shopping small can be intimidating, start small and go to your local farmers market or log onto Etsy and search up some products you’re running low on. Small changes make for big improvements 🙂


A Handmade Soap Loving Mama!

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