Vegan Baby Skincare

Vegan baby skincare products exist! I wish I knew about them while I was pregnant with my first daughter, because they are amazing products filled with wholesome and beneficial ingredients.

I discovered CakeFaceSoaping while searching for baby products on Etsy. You see, my youngest daughter has had severe allergic reactions to almost every brand on store shelves. I would purchase one product to heal the damage from the others but it was a vicious cycle I needed to end. As I was scrolling through Etsy while dream feeding, Kelseys line of products popped up and I’m glad I clicked on her post.

We feed, dress, and care for our babies with products and food that we believe are the most beneficial to them, we care about them more than ourselves and want nothing but the best for their tiny bodies. However, we tend to go by mainstream media and what they tell us our babies need. I quickly learned that mainstream products being sold and marketed towards us and our babies, are detrimental and will cause issues over certain periods of time.

It’s important to have a skincare routine as a teenager and adult because we need to protect and repair our skin from daily damage. Why aren’t we doing the same for our babies, toddlers, and kids? It’s important to use SPF and protective clothing when we take them outdoors, to bathe them a few times a week or everyday with gentle cleansers that heal their skin, moisturizer their bodies with protective lotions, protect their bottoms and baby folds with a natural powder, and give them daily massages with gentle oils that contain essential oils beneficial to their health. I’ve created a strict skincare regimen for my littles because of these reasons.

CakeFaceSoaping Unboxing! 📦

Baby powder is an important addition to your babies daily routine, just like SPF, cleansers, and moisturizers. Why? Because a natural powder like that from CakeFaceSoaping has wonderful ingredients such as: cornstarch, tapioca starch, kaolin clay, and rose and blossom waters. These ingredients combined help prevent diaper rash, rashes from excessive moisture, and chafing. Kaolin clay is wonderful because it helps oily skin, purified and detoxes pores, soothes sensitive and irritable skin, reducing skin irritations like rashes, and bug bites, as well as improving skins elasticity and delaying signs of aging. Try the powder for yourself! Vegan Baby Powder.

Kelsey created two different cleansers for baby and they each have two scents, each with a different purpose. I purchased the Baby Shampoo & Wash because it’s also suitable for babies 2 years and older. I ordered the wash in a sleeper scent that’s filled with soothing lavender and chamomile to help baby unwind and relax, perfect for bedtime or restless little ones. The ingredients in the wash are: olive oil, coconut oil, organic avocado oil, and a Cake Face Soap blend of essential oils.

She also carries a Newborn Shampoo & Wash that is more delicate on babies skin. If you wanted an option to help awaken baby or give them a bright start to the day, you can order the postman scent which is filled with bright, clean notes of basil, violet, jasmine, rose, and patchouli. Look at your options, here!

Lastly, we have our baby lotion that’s made with a delicate blend of: organic avocado oil, avocado butter, grapeseed oil, pistachio butter, pumpkin seed butter, fractions coconut oil, olive oil, and Cake Face Soaping special blend of essential oils. I purchased two 8oz bottle of this creamy goodness in a sleeper scent, it pairs perfectly with our sleeper baby wash.

Here’s the thing, our babies skin is just as important as the clothes we put on their bodies and the foods we feed them. Care for your babies skin and ditch the store brands: Johnson, Babyganics, Aveeno, Cetaphil, Aveeno, Aquaphor, California Baby, and so on. Do your research before your purchase a product to use on your babies skin.

My youngest daughters allergies brought many things to my attention and brought me to the realization that we use many toxic ingredients on a daily basis. The FDA doesn’t regulate the use of terms such as: organic, clean, and natural, which means companies can say boast about their ingredients even if they are harmful.

CakeFaceSoaping is a wonderful shop that has skincare products for yourself and baby! Using vegan or clean products isn’t extreme, it’s worth it. Read your labels and research the ingredients.


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