Katya Turns One!

Katya Turns One! This bash was a ton of fun!

Celebrating my daughters first lap around the sun means the world to me. Big or small, both of my girls deserve it all.

I began planning Katyas first birthday party when she reached her six month milestone because I knew I needed time to plan, create, and prepare an extraordinary party. It may be a cultural thing, but I enjoy having a huge celebration and going all out in everything that I do.

On the other hand, I was heartbroken when quarantine began and covid-19 ruled our days. Call me selfish, but I had my fingers crossed that some of the rules will let up in time to celebrate my daughters big day. Thankfully, they did. With that in mind, my husband and I decided to move forward with her birthday party but to keep it a particularly small gathering with only immediate family. We want to celebrate our little girl while still being mindful of the pandemic, and with our youngest having a weak immune system, we did not want to put her in harms way.

I planned my oldest daughters first birthday around the season of her birth, her party was spring inspired and filled with butterflies, fairies, spring florals, and pastels. However, Katya was born a few days before summer, it didn’t seem fitting to do a summer theme. Ironically, her party fell on the first day of summer. I had ideas such as: pink lemonade, tutti fruity, pineapples, watermelons, donuts, and flamingos, but none of them jumped out at me. I decided to create my own theme.

When I look at my beautiful little Katya, I see clouds, I see adventure, and I always think to myself, “where will she go?” And “who will she become?” That’s when the phrase, “Oh The Places She’ll Go!” Popped into my head! It stemmed from one of my favorite Dr.Seuss books. I hurriedly opened my Pinterest app and searched the phrase, to my delight, it hasn’t been done the way I pictured it. Excitedly, I opened up my Notes app and typed away.

Clouds, airplanes, hot air balloons, maps, pinks, blues, pastels, I want all of these in her theme but how? While perusing Pinterest, I noticed these themes were done but separately, no one combined the excitement of the skies and the enjoyment of travel, in one. If there’s anything you want for your child, it’s for them to explore the world and enjoy all that it has to offer. I knew I had to combine them all into one and so I decided to move forward with my mashup of themes and label it “Oh, The Places She’ll Go!”

I went on Facebook and looked up the event planner we hired for Anaís’ first birthday, because I trusted her to bring my crazy idea to life. I sent Nelly a message and explained the concept, I threw out a bunch of ideas and themes that I wanted to incorporate and she was excited to help me bring it all together.

After Nelly and I brainstormed and finalized the details, I needed decor, a cake, and a table full of vegan treats. Luckily, I have two ladies who are more than happy to help me tie this all together. You guessed it! CutesyCakesByJenn and Crafting By Rosie jumped onboard and we were ready to go.

I spoke to Jenn and explained my mashup of themes, our flavor schemes, as well as our allergy restrictions, she was up for the challenge: All of the layers are covered in an allergen friendly fondant and she used vegan butter to create the most delicious cakes. But, can we talk about how beautiful the cake turned out? All of the little details came to life in this vegan masterpiece!

Layers: Funfetti with custard, blueberry and lemons, and chocolate with mixed berry filling.

CutestCakesbyJenn came in clutch and did not disappoint. I had her make two dozen “cloud cakes” aka cupcakes, to match this beautiful layered cake.

However, we needed more. I wanted an entire spread of desserts because this will be the first time Katya has ever had cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, snickerdoodles, and all of the sweets. It’s her first birthday and she deserves all of the yummy treats! Worst case scenario, we bring the remainder home and put it in the freezer, to snack on later— haha! A friend of mine told me about Dees One Smart Cookie, a bakery in Glastonbury that specializes in vegan and allergen-friendly baking. Dees is a dedicated gluten, dairy, and allergen-free bakery. Intrigued, I sent an email and waited for a call.

Jodi, a wonderful associate of the bakery, called me a few days later and explained how each of their delicious treats were made and put my mind at ease with the precautions they are taking during this pandemic. I placed an order for cake pops, shortbread cookies, snickerdoodles, oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies, and blondies. It was going to be a sweets galore up in there and I was down for it!

Now that the desserts and event planning was taken care of, I needed decor, invitations, cake toppers and much more. I sent a DM to Crafting By Rosie and asked if she could help me bring this mashup to life. I had every detail planned out in my head but I am not the greatest at explaining myself. In all honesty, I’m sure I was driving her crazy because I kept changing my mind and sending her multiple messages a day. However, Rose was a doll during it all and created exactly what I wanted.

While describing my ideas to Rose, I informed her that I wanted to implement a map, airplanes, hot air balloons, and clouds, in every which way possible. She sketched out over a handful of ideas and took my indecisive criticism well, it all came together beautifully.

Look at how wonderful the invitation turned out! I couldn’t believe we created it from scratch. It all began with a map. Nonetheless, let’s not forget the cake topper, cupcake toppers, and even gift bags!

Rose and I took our time and went through each design as she walked me through it step-by-step. I’m thankful that I chose her to bring Katyas first birthday party theme to life. I don’t think anyone could have done a more wonderful job.

Are matching shirts still a thing? Even if they aren’t, I had to do it. Unfortunately, the mom who I ordered **insert Katyas smashcake shoot*** outfit from, doesn’t do customized shirts. I opened my Etsy app and searched for customizable onesies, that’s when richatheart popped up, I was enamored with their delicate bright designs and sent them a message. Erin and Sydney are the two wonderful ladies behind this shop. I explained my theme, the color scheme, and sent them a copy of the invitation so they had an idea of what I wanted. After a few different sketches, they created a customized listing, had all three shirts and Katyas onesie made, and had it shipped out to me immediately, right in time for Katyas birthday party. The quality of the shirts and Katyas onesie was fantastic and don’t get me started on the charming designs. There’s something sweet about the word “dadda” that I can’t get over.

I know what you’re thinking, “what about food?” “Did you only serve desserts?” Honestly, I wish! Just kidding, there was food. My husband was manning the grill and it was quite fitting. We had BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, hot dogs, burgers, sausages, chow-mein, and beans and rice, with many different variations of drinks. It was a wonderful feast filled with treats and grilled eats.

Nonetheless, I understand we are still under the control of covid-19 and the pandemic hangs above our heads. However, we took precaution in everything we did and ensured the safety of my daughter and all the family members who came to celebrate. Fresh air, laughter, and a small reunion was much needed for our family and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy all of the beautiful pictures, my attempt at story telling and keeping you guys updated!


A party planning mama!

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