A Letter To My Three-Year-Old On Her Birthday

Dear Anaís,

Everyday daddy and I marvel at how much you’ve grown, how tall you have become, the new things you have learned, and we wonder who you will become.

I remember the days you used to cry out for my attention and for mommy to comfort you, now you walk up to my bedside and awake me with an excited, “good morning mommy!” You open the bedroom door, flip the switch to turn off the fan and our white noise machine, and you go to the potty all by yourself. You come back into the room and ask if you can watch your favorite cartoons, and tell me what you would like for breakfast, all while sitting next to your baby sister and loving her.

You never cease to amaze me at the wonderful things you have done, all that you accomplished, and how fast you learn. You can count to 20, you know your ABCs, your colors and shapes, it always brings a smile to my face when we read stories and you recognize the words.

Drawing and creating has been your newest thing and I love watching you bring your words to life with pictures and colorings. I’m always in amazement while watching you, the way you go to the kitchen and grab a snack when you’re hungry, or how you help me with the laundry. You’re such a lovely little lady, but still my baby.

Three years ago I couldn’t have imagined this day, if someone had told me all that you would know and understand, I still wouldn’t be able to comprehend.

Yet, here we are.

I remember when you said your first word, “mama” oh how it brought joy to my heart. I remember when you began stringing words together and trying to explain yourself better, and how determined you were. Now, now you talk to me about anything and everything! “Mommy do you like the red flowers?” “Birds fly fast!” “I want to go shopping at Target and get cake pops!” — haha! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Your little personality shines so bright, I want to squeeze you so tight and never let you go.

However, you’re still so little. The way you throw tantrums when you don’t understand something, or you’re too tired to go on, how you contort your face when you’re about to cry, it’s both hilarious and adorable. I’m sorry for laughing every time you’re about to cry, I can’t help but to admire that little face, even when it whines. You still want to be carried, and cuddle up between mommy and daddy, and you bring your best friends everywhere we go — Lola the pink fox and Ellie the green elephant, your side kicks that never leave your side.

I love going on adventures with you because it’s wonderful watching you point out all the things you know and listening to your conversations as we go. I won’t lie and say you aren’t sometimes difficult, like when it comes time to get dressed and you run around the apartment without rest, or how it’s a struggle to put on your pants because you won’t stop dancing or you go limp, but I love how you try your best and pick out your own outfits, and the way you dress yourself, “like a princess.”

I’m sorry that it hasn’t been the greatest year because you learned you had to share mommy with another person. It’s been a learning process for us both. I’m sorry you don’t get as much attention as you used to, although mommy tries her best, and I’m sorry sometimes mommy is so stressed. You are a wonderful big sister, and I applaud you for doing so well, the way you adapted and overcame the biggest change in your toddler years, is wonderful and you are an amazing role model for your little sister.

Princess Anaís, although we’re stuck at home until further notice and we aren’t able to bring you on a surprise adventure, or to see our family and friends and let you listen to their warm wishes and enjoy their embrace, I want you to know that mommy and daddy will do anything and everything in our power to keep you safe, happy, and healthy.

You are my baby and my big girl, you surprise me and scare me, you always reassure me that I’m doing a great job and I love when you say “I love you, mommy,” you fill me with pride and joy, and I know your future is bright. So, run, jump, and explore the world, but please hold my hand and never forget I’ll always be by your side.

You are so very loved baby girl.

Happy third birthday to the tiny human who brought light into my world!



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