Why I Decided to Start A Blog

When I first discovered I was pregnant with bubs I contemplated the idea of starting a blog. I wanted to document my pregnancy, my journey into motherhood and dealing with all that came with it. I was unsure where to begin.

Instagram is the only form of social media that I currently use. It was on Instagram that I discovered so many other moms-to-be and moms that struggle with a lot of the same issues. Instagram serves almost as a safe haven for these women. A place where they can swap solutions, vent about their problems and share the milestones they have reached in parenthood, relationships and most importantly the ones achieved by their littles.

For nine long months I drove my fiance nuts about whether or not I wanted to start this blog. He kept telling me I should stop being afraid and just go for it. Babes stance on the subject was because I was learning so much from these other women, I enjoyed talking about everything mommy related and making new friends I should help other women by sharing my own experiences. So here I am, I decided to take the leap and finally created this blog.

My little has been teaching me so much since the day I discovered she was a little peanut growing inside of me. I hope that sharing some of what she’s been teaching me will help other moms and even dads on their own journey. I may even throw in some blurbs about my relationship with my fiance here and there. Bubs has had such a huge impact on our lives. So much has changed, so much has been learned and there is still so much left to learn! Let the blogging begin! 🙂


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